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PostSubject: !!! I GOT INTO THE ONLIVE BETA !!!   Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:11 pm

You read right, I have been accepted into the "exclusive" Onlive first year members group.

And what is Onlive you ask? We'll it's a service that allows you to play games on you PC. . . through your broadband internet connection. . . without the need of a disc or downloaded material. drunken

In a manner of terms it is like steam but when you buy a game it gives you access to play the game off of one of their "super computer/servers" but you are controlling it with your keyboard and mouse.

Imagine a Super Nintendo hooked up in Texas with a camera focused on the TV it is hooked up to and a controller that was long enough to reach to me here in Ohio. Now imagine me watching a live feed of the video coming from the camera watching the SNES and trying to play it with the controller. Just think of all the lag you would encounter.

In honesty it is all very odd and klunky to me, but I signed up for the "beta program" anyway. I have not tried any of the games yet but will post my findings here once I have.
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PostSubject: Re: !!! I GOT INTO THE ONLIVE BETA !!!   Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:18 am

Seems like their could be some major issues with that if you have sucky internet like we have.

Curse you Verison DSL and your .77 mbps download rate ><

Seems like that would eat your monthly bandwidth too. lol
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